20x20x12 Sensing Place : Shoalhaven (2020)

  • 20x20x12 Sensing Place : Shoalhaven (2020)
  • 20x20x12 Sensing Place : Shoalhaven (2020)

Featuring the works of Shoalhaven artists Nicole Smede (poetry) and Bonnie Porter Greene (painting), Sensing Place celebrates a connection to Country and the diverse landscapes of the Shoalhaven. Through complementary visual and literary explorations, the works acknowledge the distinct experiences individuals take from a ‘place’.

Over the course of a year, 12 sets of unique works are created from seasonal expeditions to regional sites. Through creative meditation and reflection, the artists connect to ‘place’, forming artistic responses to each site, revealing the essence of landscape. Through this creative lens, the viewer is invited into vast and deep experiences, linking cultural stories through the window of the 20cm x 20cm format.

72 pages, hardbound.
Printed lovingly by Peachy Press, Sydney Australia.
Design by Supernaut

"In 2020 two women, artist Bonnie Porter Greene and poet Nicole Smede, walked out of the kitchen, the studio and the workplace and into the landscapes of the Shoalhaven. It was an unusual collaboration; a partnering of words and imagery deftly located in place. Environments were selected, some iconic, others almost unknown. Each artist crafted shape, texture and meaning on site, returning home to complete the work. Separate creative works which create a dialogue, a tension rather than merely illustrating a shared intent; 12 paintings, 12 poems, 2020."
— Marla Guppy, Guppy Associates

Each month, over a year, the artists travelled together to a different location in the Shoalhaven region. Spending time connecting to ‘place’, they individually respond to the site through painting and poetry. The works have been completed in isolation, to ensure the individual integrity of each response.